1-1 Yoga Sessions

There are many reasons why people seek 1-1 Yoga sessions. It could be to work on particular practices with more individual attention; to help develop a tailored home practice; or, it could be about integrating Yoga into daily life, through mindfulness practices. For 1-1 sessions, we would have an initial ‘phone or zoom conversation, at no cost, of 10-20 minutes to establish whether such a session would be helpful.

There would then be a 1-1 session of between 1-1.5 hrs, with potential follow-up sessions of up to 1 hr in coming months by agreement, after any practices developed have been tested out in normal life. The cost of these sessions is £20 per session.

Contact me if you would like any further information, or to arrange an initial conversation, on dina@spaceplaceyoga.co.uk, or 07816545491.

“ There is only one guru. It is within.”

Swami Nichalananda